Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Writing your first author press release

Wow, today was a big day as I sent out my first press release on my debut novel (very exciting).

I had no idea what the structure/format of such a document was but after a bit of searching I found some great examples and templates.

Template websites

These websites were hugely helpful in pulling the release together - many thanks!

Now, I just need to find some channels to send it to (another post on that to come shortly).

However, in the meantime - here's the finished article - lets see if it has an impact on Sales..

The Press Release

Date: 01/05/2012
Contact: Iain Clements

Bank computer virus causes global credit Crunch – exciting premise of Iain Clements’ debut novel, “System Error: In Your Favour”.

Bangkok, Thailand, May 1st 2013.

Could a bank computer virus have caused the recent global financial credit crunch? That is the novel and exciting premise of Iain Clements’ Debut Novel, “System Error: In Your Favour” which was recently released on

“I wanted to offer a different perspective on the credit crunch” says Clements about his book. “Every day I would watch the news and see different explanations being offered about what had caused the global credit crisis. A bank computer going crazy didn’t seem that far-fetched an idea so I started to develop it into this novel”.

With so many people affected by the financial crisis, the plot of the novel seems to have struck a chord with many readers. Sales of the book in both e-book and paperback formats have steadily climbed since publication.  “As soon as I started reading I had to find out how it would end” stated one Amazon purchaser, and “the story is well told, especially the bits where we hear from the computer” added another.

The novel is set at the peak of the credit crisis a few years ago. In London's Canary Wharf district computer specialist Kate Meer understands all too well the cause of the chaos. A new artificially intelligent computer system called C.A.R.L that she designed is out of her control. As events in the world continue to spin out of control and the global financial markets embark on a roller-coaster ride, Kate has to join forces with James Gold, a notorious hacker, to try and regain control of their renegade system before it’s too late.

System error: in your favour is available on now as both a paperback and e-book version.

An audio book version of the story is also scheduled for release in May 2013.

Author profile for Iain Clements available on Goodreads.

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