Friday, 10 May 2013

Watching your sales in real-time!

Kindle Nation Daily Free Amazon Sales Tracker

I'm continuing to search for really useful tools and techniques for marketing my first book "System error: in your favour".

Today's find could be equally a blessing and a curse, it's a tool that gives you a really nice visual of your sales progress on Amazon's charts from Kindle Nation Daily.

I think this looks like a great tool but I'm worried that I'll be constantly checking it from now on.


  • Register on the site
  • Search and add your book to the tracker
  • Click confirm

Adding your book to the tracker
  • Click on the information icon and up pops this visual showing your sales over time and current Salesrank.
Showing your sales over time on the track

  • Repeat hourly/daily until you've gone crazy :)

Register here: