Monday, 6 May 2013

Buy new or buy used

The first used copy appears on

Well, 3 weeks after its initial release sales of the book continue to grow steadily. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, my task now is promoting and marketing the book to maintain momentum. So far that's involved a lot of messaging on my social networks and most recently the creation and distribution of a press release about the book.

I also heard the first 15 minutes of the audio book version which is currently in production last night and I'm really excited about working with Eila Ulyett to bring it to life.

You can find more about the voice artist via her site British

On average it seems to be selling about 10 copies a day, nearly all of which are in Kindle format.


So it looks like the future is definitely digital, but I was surprised and delighted to see that in April 20 people did opt for the paperback version of the book.

Today I just logged in to again to check on sales progress and spotted that 1 of the paperback copies has been put up for sale as a used copy!

So, under a month from a new book to a used version. Is that good or bad? Have any other self-published authors out there experienced this?

I must admit my first thought was a little disappointment that the person wasn't going to keep the book forever on his/her bookshelf, but after I got over that I hope the person manages to sell it on as it gives someone else a chance to read it.
First used copy of my book appeared on today