Tuesday, 7 May 2013

First teaser of audio book

Audio Book under way!

As you'll have seen in my past few posts I recently plunged into the world of self-publishing when I set my first novel "System error: in your favour" up on Amazon.

Publishing to Kindle was the first step, then after a bit of reformatting I joined Createspace to offer my book as a print on demand option.

My most recent foray has been to sign up on ACX, yet another Amazon service that matches authors to narrators to produce Audio books that are then distributed on Amazon.com, ITunes, and Audible.Com.

Before getting started I looked at a few blog postings on ACX and found that nearly all of them were really positive about the service. One blog I found particularly useful was this from Stacey Wallace Benefiel .


Getting started on ACX

The ACX website has a very detailed guide to getting started so I'll simply link to their help page here: http://www.acx.com/help/how-it-works/200484210.

Essentially though, once you've created your account you:

  1. Register for an account or sign in using your Amazon account
  2. upload your project including an audition script (usually a single chapter from your book), 
  3. invite people to audition by recording a 1 minute clip
  4. choose your favourite narrator
  5. work out a deal (either pay them or agree royalty shares going forward)
  6. start working on the project together
  7. receive and approve the first 15 minute clip
  8. receive and approve the final copy
  9. market your new audio book everywhere!

The winning narrator

It took a few weeks to receive a selection of auditions for my novel. Once I had a few to choose from I asked family and friends which style/voice they preferred and very quickly asked Eila Ulyett (http://www.britishvo.com/) to record my book.

I'm very excited to be working with Eila and even more excited to share the first bit of the book with you all.

The full audiobook should be released late May, but if you have any comments/suggestions or other feedback on the book please comment below.