Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Promise You Won't Tell?: John Locke review

Promise You Won't Tell?

By John Locke
Rating: 3 Star

Promise You Won't Tell is a fiction novel by bestselling author John Locke. It is number 2 in the Dani Ripper series after 'Call Me'.

Dani Ripper is a smart, fast-thinking, Private Investigator. The book opens with an interesting dialogue between Ripper and a potential customer. 

By the end of the fast-paced and witty exchange, Ripper amazes her customer by solving the case before she is even formally hired.

Most of Ripper's work involves one-half of a couple asking her to prove whether the other one is having an affair. We quickly learn that Ripper would much rather be investigating much more complex cases.

One day Ripper is visited by Riley Freeman a young 17-year-old law student who confides to Ripper:
“I think something might have happened to me Saturday night. Something bad.”
Ripper starts helping Riley to investigate what happened at the party but quickly finds that drunken teenagers don't always make the best witnesses.

The plot of 'Promise You Won't Tell' clips along fairly quickly and keeps the reader guessing which character is telling the truth about what happened to Riley. The dialogue is witty and quite funny in places.

The novel isn't incredibly long so the characters aren't completely developed at times, more acting as tools to move the plot along but Dani is a very engaging character.

There are lots of twists and red herrings in the story and some reviewers really don't like the last twist but I thought this was an easy page-turner with enough material to keep it interesting throughout.