Sunday, 21 August 2016

Introducing NetGalley - for all you book lovers out there

Love books?

I have been using a website called NetGalley for a while now and just wanted to write a quick post to introduce it for anyone who hasn't discovered it yet.

What is NetGalley?

NetGalley is a website that connects keen readers with publishers. 

Shortly before a new novel is published, it will be added to NetGalley for a short time so that registered readers can request it. 

Once they have requested the novel and had a chance to read it they are asked for your feedback. The publishers are also keen to hear whether you have told anyone else about the book so you are also asked to provide links of where your feedback has been posted. I publish mine on this blog

NetGalley homepage

How do I register?

Just signup on the site and answer a few questions about your favourite book genres.

How much does it cost?

The bit I like about NetGalley is that the books are free! 

What books can you read?

There is a huge selection of both fiction and non-fiction titles on NetGalley. When you register, you can select a number of genres but you browse other categories as well. 

Once you see a book that you are interested in, just click Request.

Can you request any book?

Some titles have restrictions on who can request them and when. For example, for a new book launching in the United States, the publisher may limit book requests to U.S based reviewers. Also, books are only for a request for a limited time. 

You may visit the site one day and see that the book you spotted has been withdrawn (usually because the book has now launched).

Please note

These 'Advanced Reader Copies' (or ARC) books are sometimes still in progress. 

It's really common to find typing errors, grammar errors, formatting strangeness et cetera in the text. You may find that these errors distract you from the book but I would recommend persevering through them. You can also make a note of them and send them along with your review direct to the publisher.

How do I signup?

If this sounds interesting, just visit NetGalley to learn more. Happy reading!