Monday, 1 August 2016

Fractured: Dani Atkins review


by Dani Atkins
Rating: 4 Star

During a meal out with a group of friends, everything changes for Rachel Wiltshire. Before the meal, everything was pretty much perfect in her life, she has a long-term boyfriend, a nice group of friends, and is looking forward to starting university. 

However, a tragic accident during the dinner will change her life forever.

After the initial drama of the accident, the plot of 'Fractured' initially looks very guessable. We follow Rachel as she tries to pull her life together and deal with the loss of her good friend. 
After the tragedy, Rachel moves to London, immerses herself in her work and never returns to her hometown. Dani Atkins does an excellent job of introducing Rachel and exploring her struggles over the past few years so you're really feeling sorry for the way her life turned out.

Just as I was settling in for what I thought would be a really predictable ride, the plot takes a complete diversion when Rachel returns back to her hometown for the first time since the accident and finds that everyone's recollection of the tragedy is totally different from her own. Also, she might not have the job she thinks she has, and several important people in her life may no longer be dead.
Has she gone crazy, is she daydreaming, or something else?

There are plenty more twists and turns in this story afterwards, and Dani Atkins does an excellent job of keeping the reader guessing as to what is fact and what is fiction.

A romantic novel with a sci-fi, parallel dimension theme? Great stuff!