Monday, 12 June 2017

The Light Between Oceans - ML Steadman Review

The Light Between Oceans

Rating: 4 Stars

The Light Between Oceans tells the story about an Australian lighthouse keeper and his wife who have their world turned upside one day when a boat containing a body and a baby wash up on their island.

Tom and Izzy are newlyweds, setting up their life on a remote island called Janis, off the coast of Australia in the 1920s.

Life is tough but fulfilling. The island only has 2 trees, a handful of animals and a small vegetable garden but it is home for them, and M.L Steadman does an excellent job of portraying the island and the conditions that Tom and Izzy are living in.

The book's central theme really stems from the decisions that are made when that strange boat washes up on the island one day. What would you do in that situation?

The impact those decisions have on Tom and Izzy are powerfully explored by Stedman and the story is very emotive throughout.

Stedman spends a lot of time explaining each character's motivation so by the mid section of the book I kept changing my mind on who was 'right' and which character was in the wrong. These murky lines between right and wrong made the book seem very realistic.

The central storyline of this book was very powerful and gripping, I really enjoyed it.