Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Stealing Snow: review

Stealing Snow

By: Danielle Paige
Rating: 2 Star

17-year-old snow has been incarcerated in the Whittaker Secure Mental institute for most of her life. 

The regime there is bleak, routine, and full of anguish for Snow as she is kept away from her one true sole mate Bale (who is also a patient there).

Just when it seems that there is not really much hope, Snow starts to encounter a vision in her dreams who tells her that there is another land waiting for her ‘just beyond the tree’.

The story then really speeds up as Snow has to decide whether the visions are:
  1. part of her condition 
  2. or, a result of the drugs that the institute is making her take, 
  3. or, whether there could really be the land of Algid out there waiting for her
Once the story moves from one world to another, Snow becomes a classic adventure genre story. It also turns out that there's a prophecy to fulfil and an evil king to thwart.

The land of Algid is nicely described and has a good range of fantasy characters to keep the plot moving along. I particularly liked the coven of robbers with their ability to store magic for future use and the fact that they were tremendously loyal (despite claiming that they all stood for themselves). 

Snow spends a lot of time in this novel deciding which person she really loves in a classic triangle situation which resulted in slightly too much monologue for me at several points and it slows down the story.

Finally, there are also lots of similar/borrowed elements from other fantasy novels which you'll either like or will really annoy you - you've been warned :)

Many thanks to Netgalley for providing this book for review.