Saturday, 24 September 2016

Personal: Lee Child review


By: Lee Child
Rating: 3 Star

The Jack Reacher series from Lee Child has a huge following. 'Personal' is number 19.

For those of you new to Jack Reacher, he is your classic loner action hero character.

An Ex-Army Major, Reacher now roams the United States with nothing but the clothes on his back (and presumably some money). Personal starts with Reacher on a bus travelling between States.

Soon, Reacher's bus odyssey is rudely interrupted when a highly trained sniper tries to assassinate the president of France. Now, the world needs Reacher to track down the sniper before he or she strikes again.

Things really speed up once Reacher begins his investigation and the location largely shifts over to London.

It's really enjoyable seeing Reacher work through the various problems he faces along the way and he's certainly not afraid to use force where required - as one other reviewer put it "he kicks ass".

I enjoyed Personal as an action genre book. It was quick to read and enjoyable. Some of the villains were a bit too cliche for me, especially Joey, but I didn't feel this novel had as much depth or complexity as others I have read in the series.