Thursday, 7 April 2016

Little Black Lies: Sharon Bolton review

Little Black Lies

by Sharon Bolton review

Rating: 4 Star

The tag line of this book really grabbed my attention - what a line!
"We were inseparable... until the day she killed my sons". 

Little Black Lies is set in the Falkland Islands. It follows the story of Catrin as she struggles to continue her life after an accident which killed her two young sons caused by her best friend Rachel.

The story starts 3 years after the accident and explores Catrin's emotions, her feelings, and her raw hatred of the women who took away her songs.

The story then jumps around in time so that we see the events that led up to the accident from both Catrin and Rachel's point of view. The book is broken into 3 parts, with each section being narrated by a different character.

Contrasted against this dark emotional story of the boy's tragedy, the current day Falklander islanders are dealing with a new issue, a small boy has disappeared on the island and he's not the first.

This book is an emotional whirlwind, with really detailed characters, all set against the rugged backdrop of the Falkland Islands. There are numerous twists and turns in the plot and I really like the way that Sharon Bolton explores the story from each of the main character's viewpoint before revealing the conclusion.

Thrilling yes, a happy go lucky story, definitely not. If you like dark thrillers, or if you thought that Gone Girl was too "jolly" then check Little Black Lies out.