Sunday, 31 January 2016

Trial Run: Thomas Locke

Trial Run (Fault Lines Book #1) 

by Thomas Locke

Rating: 3 Star

Trial Run by Thomas Locke asks the fascinating question of what would happen if we could leave our bodies and travel the world without being encumbered by our physical forms?

What would you do if you could travel or transcend anywhere?
In this story, two teams of scientists on different sides of the world are racing each other to make that idea a reality, whatever the cost.

One team, based out of the United States and headed up by Reece Clawson is working on behalf of the US government to prove that this new technology will create perfect spies. Over in Switzerland, a rival scientific team headed up by Dr. Gabriella Speciale is close to perfecting the technique themselves.

Locke starts this novel with a series of seemingly unconnected incidents that the reader is only able to start connecting as the story unfolds. There is also a lot of scientific description of the challenges that the two teams are facing to perfect their transcendence technique which I struggled to really appreciate, however the novelty of the plot and the regular bursts of action kept me going.

Trial Run has a fascinating plot, and despite struggling with certain sections I enjoyed the story overall. Trail Run is part of a planned series and I look forward to seeing how the storyline develops in future.

I received a copy of this work from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.