Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Advent of Murder: A Faith Morgan Mystery by Martha Ockley

The Advent of Murder: A Faith Morgan Mystery 

By Martha Ockley

Rating: 4 star

The Advent of Murder is number 2 in a series of books focusing on Faith Morgan, a former police officer who has become the Vicar in the quaint English village of "Little Worthy", a fictional village near Winchester in Hampshire.

Despite Faith's change of profession, the skills she developed in her former career soon prove useful when Lucas Bagshaw, a member of Faith's choir, is found dead.

The plot of this story centres on the investigation of Lucas's death, contrasted with Faith's day to day duties as a Vicar in a small parish village. We jump from the murder investigation to discussions on the village nativity and the ongoing question of whether Faith will be able to find a Donkey in time for the Christmas nativity.

This book is written in a really nice style and the presentation of quaint English village life very richly described. Martha Ockley has brought together all of the elements of a 'typical' English village and I have seen several reviews compare this book to Midsomer Murders or the Miss Marple mysteries. If you like that style of book then I believe you would enjoy this series.

I would recommend reading book number 1 in this series "The Reluctant Detective" before reading The Advent of Murder. Whilst the plot flowed independently, there was a lot of back story on each character which had obviously been covered in the previous novel.