Friday, 15 May 2015

The Devil Will Come: Glenn Cooper - Review

The Devil Will Come 

This is the second Glenn Cooper novel that I've read and I have really enjoyed them both.

"The Devil Will Come" is an archaeological and religious thriller which pits the Church against a secretive organisation known as the "Lemures" who are intent on its destruction. 

When the current pope dies and the Vatican begins the process of appointing a new Pontif, the Lemures set in motion an evil plan to fulfil an ancient prophecy and destory their arch enemy once and for all.

Given that the novel is set largely in Rome and the Vatican, and that the main character Elizabetta Celestino is a Nun, the theme of religion does flow throughout the plot, but this is first and foremost a thriller set within a religious context.

I liked the main character Elizabetta Celestino and thought she was a well rounded and strong character. Elizabetta, a former archaeology student turned Nun who uses her skills as a scientist and her access to the Vatican archives to expose the Lemures conspiracy before it is too late.

Glenn Cooper has weaved together a conspiracy that spans centuries in this novel. If you enjoyed Dan Brown's "Robert Langdon" novels or similar works then I'd definitely recommend this.

I obtained a preview version of this novel for review via in exchange for an honest review.